• Versiform makes collecting data easier and more streamlined.
  • With built-in logic for data validation, masking, autofill and autocomplete functionality (just to name a few features), your form can be setup to make the task of filling it out that much simpler.
  • Capturing better, more consistent information translates into improved reporting and decision-making.
  • Versiform’s cloud-based architecture allows you to access the application anytime from anywhere, including your mobile device. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser.
  • Forms can be created through point-and-click configuration. No techies required.
  • The ability to start a form, save and return to it at a later time provides flexibility when accessing, entering and reviewing information.
  • Theme-based templates can be established and accessed across multiple forms, allowing a consistent and controllable branding process.
  • Captured data needs to be analyzed and reviewed. Versiform’s online analytics  provides reporting capabilities that allow you to immediately group and filter collected information in a meaningful way. Improved reporting capabilities lead to better decision making.
  • Have your own reporting solution? No problem. Versiform’s ability to seamlessly integrate with other applications means you can continue using your accepted reporting solution to analyze your data.
  • Want to store the data captured in another application or database? Versiform’s open architecture and comprehensive API’s allow the submitted data to be shared and stored in other applications. Whether integrating with a content management system or a reporting database, Versiform architecture provides the capability to seamlessly share information between applications.
  • Create 508 compliant forms and accept electronic signatures (we are E-Sign compliant!)
  • Data collected through Versiform’s form submission process can be shared with the people who need that information by using Versiform’s workflow capabilities for approval, review or additional data entry.
  • Email notifications can be setup to inform specified people of data submission, and completed forms can be rendered in a specified format (PDF, XML, etc.) to allow flexibility in accessing and reviewing information.
  • Versiform’s built-in integration with Google Checkout, Paypal and Authorize.net allows your form submitters to submit payment in a reliable and familiar way.
  • Trying to streamline the process for answering questions and gathering information? Versiform’s wizard-based tool allows you to gather information in an easy-to-understand, logical format that supports multiple pages and hides or shows questions based on information provided.
  • Features such as autofill and autocomplete simplify data entry, allowing you to collect structured information faster.
  • Concerned about securing information? You can relax. Versiform is hosted in a SAS 70 Type II environment and employs SSL for transporting information.
  • Application security is also available. Access to create and fill out forms is given through Role Based security. Additional Item Level security allows you to permit or prohibit access to specific questions and answers.
  • If we haven’t mentioned a feature that you need, don’t assume we don’t have it. We spend much more time keeping our product fresh than this website. Give us a call. If we don’t have what you need, we’ll work with you to see if we can build it for you!

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